20 November 2009


Interacting with print surface.

I glued coffee grounds to a photo of a coffee cup, portraying the illusion of the coffee itself in the cup and its steam.

oil paint

19 November 2009

interacting w/the print surface

detail can be found here.

18 November 2009

some more light painting

Black and White

Initial ideas rarely become final results…

I went four-wheeling several weekends ago at a gravel pit. Near this gravel pit stood an abandoned barn with some old fencing and overgrown grass around it. Interesting black and white material I thought. The next day I drove back to the barn, this time with my camera and sister, and shot away. The sun was extremely bright, casting some exciting shadows through the trees and onto the barn. Just my luck. Alongside the barn lay remains of cement foundation to a farmhouse. My sister, being the clown that she is, fell into model-mode and began posing for the camera while standing on the foundation rubble. I shot quite a few of her as well. Upon bringing my day’s results into light room, the photos I found least discouraging and liking the most just so happened to be of her. The sun hit the aviators just right, forming stars on the lenses.

Clearly my intentions were far from my results.

13 November 2009

Adventures of Dale and Dan

Dale and I would not mind any opinions on these photos we have worked on. Are they decent or were we just goofing off?

goblet of rock

"Now raise your goblet of rock. It's a toast to those who rock!" -Jack Black in School of Rock

more of Dan and Dale's high speed photos

06 November 2009

05 November 2009

Nocturnal & Light Painting

light painting around a rose with glowsticks

messing with the exposure and moving the camera to create lines with the building lights

Florida palm trees

Death to Teddy

04 November 2009